Pre-apprenticeship programme


Our pre-apprenticeship programme is a short course designed to prepare you for a full apprenticeship. You'll find out what to expect from your apprenticeship, the support and guidance available and much more.

You can come to College for the pre-apprenticeship programme or go through it at home or at work if you prefer. The course is fully funded so it's free of charge for you and your employers.

The Programme

Individual programmes may vary, but here is a guide to what you might cover over the three-day programme: 

Day 1:

  • Introduction to apprenticeships
  • Your learning journey and the support available
  • How to further develop your knowledge

Day 2:

  • Functional skills maths and English explained
  • Initial assessment exercise

Day 3: 

  • Focus on your apprenticeship (subject specific)
  • Getting you started on your apprenticeship

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