Work Experience

Our job is to prepare you for your career.

All of our full-time 16-18 year-old students are enrolled onto the Buckinghamshire College Group study programme, which is known as Great Ambitions. You can find out more about Great Ambitions here.

The emphasis throughout the academic year is on employment and progression. If you are studying a full-time programme at level 2 or level 3 then work experience will form an important part of your course. Each programme has a required number of work experience hours to reach and you must complete the required number of hours to pass your qualification.


There are lots of benefits to work experience, you'll be working alongside people who have been in the job for years who can pass knowledge on to you. Work experience builds self-esteem, and you'll get to put into practice all of the new skills you've been learning at College.

Work experience gives you a behind the scenes look into your career choices, allows you to develop relevant occupational skills and instils the attitudes and behaviours expected at work such as time keeping and communication.

  • You'll be able to make a meaningful decision about your future and progression
  • You get the chance to develop your employability skills, which could give you the edge when it comes to applying for jobs.
  • If you impress your employer you may get the opportunity for a part time job, or full time job or apprenticeship once you have completed your course
  • Work experience improves personal development

Some employers may ask for a CV or an application form to be filled in to secure a placement with them. Please come and see us if you need any help or advice with this.

For Employers

If your organisation is able to support our students by joining our work experience scheme, please get in touch. Work experience placements are flexible and can be arranged to fit with your requirements, whether you're able to offer a placement for just a few hours a week or would prefer a student to work a full day each week for a period of six months.

Lots of jobs can help students gain valuable transferable skills, so even if your industry doesn't directly relate to a student's course, it can still be hugely beneficial on both parts.

Offering work experience could also offer a fantastic way to meet potential candidates for apprenticeships or even employment on the completion of the student's course.

Visit our Employer Engagement page here